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Hagley News : July 2016

Coming Up at Hagley:

July 25 - Beginning of Term 3

August 8 - Hagley for a Day (Dance and Theatre Experience)

September 3 - Senior Formal

September 15 - Senior College Open Night


Top tips for a new Year 9 starting at Hagley - what our 2016 Year 9s think

by Suzanne Waters

Starting high school is a fairly big thing in your life when you’re twelve or thirteen. Books are written about it and movies are made about it. 

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Suzanne Waters

How Suzanne helps 2017 Year 9 students make Hagley their place

by Mike Fowler

Head of Junior College Suzanne Waters talks about how she helps new students make a smooth transition into Hagley.

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Bailey Backhouse-Richards

Student Profile: Bailey Backhouse-Richards

by Rowan Milburn

Bailey Backhouse-Richards really is one of Hagley’s ‘nice guys’ He is motivated, focused and contributes to the wider College.

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Junior Enrolment in Full Swing

by Lisa Amer

It has been great to see prospective students and their parents, caregivers and whānau engage with Hagley and get to know us better, as we have begun to get to know them.

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Year 9's on Friendship Day

Friendship Day at Hagley

by Anna Williams

On the afternoon of Friendship Day, all year 9 classes joined together for the delivery of cards and gifts. It’s fun to see the students embrace the intent of the day, which is to be appreciative of the kind words written and acknowledge friendships they have developed throughout the year.

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Music Success at National Shakespeare Composition Competition

by Nanako Sato

Our Year 13 School of Music students tackled a new task earlier this year and entered the National Shakespeare Composition Competition which is a part of the SGCNZ National University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival.

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Hagley to lead major research project

by Marie Stribling

We’ve just learned that Hagley has been the successful recipient of funding to support a two year research project on advancing academic literacy, with a goal to improve outcomes for students entering university. This is great news!

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Student perspectives on Guta Goldstein, Nazi Holocaust survivor

by Mike Fowler

Guta Goldstein, Auschwitz survivor and author of the book There Will Be Tomorrow, spoke at Hagley on July 1. At 86, Guta is one of the few survivors left from what she describes as an "evil" period of history. What did some of our Year 12 Philosophy students think about Guta and her story?

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NZQA Fees and Financial Assistance 2016

by Kerry Keats

We will be sending out details of the NCEA standards you have been entered for as well as the invoice for your 2016 NCEA fees by the end of Term 2.

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Plenty of WOW moments for Nephy at National Drama School

by Mike Fowler

Nephtalim Antoine [Nephy] has packed plenty into his first two terms at at the New Zealand Drama School Toi Whakaari.

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New Board Representatives

Meet our new Hagley Trustees

by Mike Fowler

Welcome to our new parent trustee Andrew Swift and to to our new staff trustee Carmen Kenton, who have both just joined the Hagley Board.

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Giselle's Level 3 folio

Giselle Fortune: UC Fine Arts Scholar

by Emma Lumb

University of Canterbury Fine Arts Scholar and sculpture student Giselle Fortune returned to Hagley recently to talk to Level 3 Art students about the transition from school to university.

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Practice NCEA Exams

by Jenni Holden

Many of our Year 11-13 students will be sitting practice NCEA external examinations during the 2nd week of Term 3.

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