Branching Out for a Green Economy by Sir David Attenborough by United Nations

What is sustainable agriculture? 

Your challenge is look at the topic of sustainable agriculture and ask; “why is it so important that the food we produce is made with environmentally friendly practices? Why are chemical fertilisers bad for us and the planet? What alternatives are there? What is the future of sustainable agriculture?” 

Follow this Process:

  1. Watch these three video clips as a class:

    1. Branching Out for a Green Economy by Sir David Attenborough

    2. Sustainable Agriculture

    3. This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

  2. Take notes in groups of three about pesticides, why they are bad for us and the environment. Why are unsustainable farming practices negatively impacting our world? Why is this a problem for us and future generations?

  3. Brainstorm ideas about what the future of sustainable agriculture looks like. Take inspiration from the last video you watched.

  1. Summarise your ideas to make a presentation about why the world needs sustainable agriculture. Think of a farm that your group would create that is sustainable. What food will it make? What makes it sustainable?

  2. Present your ideas to the class. Explain what is wrong with unsustainable farming practices and then go on to present your idea for a sustainable farm to the class.

  3. Take action and decide how you will share your newfound knowledge of sustainable agriculture. Can you start to grow some of your own food at home?

  4. Capture and share these outcomes using photo and/or video and post on this site to inspire others.

Educator Notes

To provide more challenge:

Ask groups to create an extensive business plan for their farm, explaining who they will sell to, where it will be located, how much they will sell their products for. (Considering there are unlimited funds)

To simplify:

Ask the groups to gather information from the videos and present their research, they do not need to create their own idea for a sustainable farm.