by Wellington Girls' College


CCUSA Lunchtime Zoom Presentation

Are you interested in working as a summer camp counsellor or volunteering overseas for your Gap year in 2025?

Bring your lunch to Careers T20 on Tuesday 12th March at 1:45pm to listen to an online presentation by CCUSA staff about the exciting opportunities available with this organisation. 


SVA Service Award 2024

Calling all 2024 Ambassadors

Keen to be an SVA Ambassador this year?

SVA Ambassadors are the leaders of the Service Award in their school community. They learn essential skills around crisis response and promoting volunteering through online monthly trainings. If you’d like to find out more, have a chat with the teacher in your school who runs the Service Award programme.

When you’re ready, you can get started by clicking here to email our team with your details and a statement about why you’d be a great Ambassador. We’ll then get in touch with your school to follow up.