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Financial Literacy - AJHS Needing Sponsorship


AJHS has a strong focus on giving students practical life skills, of which financial literacy is extremely important. A few years ago AJHS made Financial Literacy a compulsory subject for our Year 10 students, and since then they have been using Banqer as their learning platform of choice.

AJHS signed up for a sponsorship with Banqer, which unfortunately expires at the end of this calendar year, and so the school is seeking a new sponsor for the programme.

The annual cost is $18 per student, and we have 250 students needing access. Banqer is offering it to AJHS at $4000 for 12 months, and so we are seeking that amount in sponsorship.

Return on Investment would be tailored to the company that comes on board, but will include elements such as eNewsletter advertising, Facebook and Instagram posts, use of the Digital Board outside the school, a stand at Gala Day and more. For more information or to discuss options, please contact julia.scott@ajhs.school.nz

A little more about our financial literacy programme can be found here.