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Photo by AJHS

AJHS Mini Science Fair


Some of our Year 8 students recently showcased their work at the annual science fair. The event was a testament to the curiosity and creativity of students who eagerly presented their projects, either individually or in pairs, on a diverse array of topics.

Projects ranged from practical consumer testing of various battery types, sugar brands, water brands, and flour varieties, exploring which options offer the best value. Some delved into intriguing psychological phenomena, like the placebo effect, uncovering the astonishing power of belief on the human body.

Among the highlights was a study on the energy content of bananas, revealing the hidden potential of this common fruit. The fair also featured investigations into animal prints' durability in different environments, shedding light on the impact of surfaces on lasting impressions, as well as a quirky study on snail preferences for surfaces.

The science fair not only celebrated scientific exploration, but also nurtured critical thinking and teamwork, highlighting the school's commitment to fostering young scientists and innovators. These projects will now be sent to represent the school in the NIWA North Harbour Science Fair at Massey University next week.

The North Harbour Science Fair has a public viewing on Saturday, 2nd September at Massey University in conjunction with the Massey University's Day of Science 10am - 2pm. See poster below for more details.