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Success at Mathex Whanau Competition 2023


The annual AJHS Mathex Whanau competition, held on the 8th and 10th of August, showcased the mathematical prowess of young minds from Years 7 - Y10. With 32 teams participating across two days, this event proved to be a remarkable testament to the students' enthusiasm for mathematics.

Each team consisted of four students, all eager to prove their mathematical acumen. The challenge was to answer 20 questions within a tight timeframe of just 30 minutes. This rigorous time constraint added an extra layer of pressure and excitement to the competition.

The enthusiasm among the students was palpable, as they collaborated, brainstormed, and calculated their way through the set of questions. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, as participants furrowed their brows, scribbled calculations, and whispered strategies to their teammates.

As the dust settled and the scores were tallied and the winners were announced.

Thank you to all the teachers who gave up their lunchtime to participate as markers and ensure a smooth competition.

As the academic year continues, the echoes of this competition will hopefully inspire more young minds to embrace the world of numbers with enthusiasm and confidence!

Image by: AJHS
Image by: AJHS
Image by: AJHS