School Donations and Learning Contribution Information 2023

Albany Junior High School (AJHS) prides itself on providing a rich and diverse educational environment with a wide range of experiences and teaching programmes that are responsive to the needs of our emerging adolescent.

Our school of opportunities offers student wellbeing services, learning resources, literacy support, and events such as year level trips and programmes that extend and enrich learning experiences for all students.

Our Board deeply values all parent donations and contributions to the cost of providing these services and experiences, which are critical to our school's ability to continue to provide these extra learning opportunities for our children, enhancing the teaching and learning opportunities.

Please note: Parents can apply for a tax credit from Inland Revenue. You can claim 33 cents for every dollar donated up to the lesser of 33% of your total donation or taxable income. See more information on this below.


The 2023 school donation for AJHS has been set at $250 for one child with a 10% reduction for siblings.

Why do we ask for a donation? 

The Ministry of Education (MoE) funding that AJHS receives does not provide for the wide range of rich opportunities of educational experiences we offer. Each year the Board asks for a voluntary parent donation, which is a key component of our budget.

How is your donation spent?

School donations are used to assist funding for student wellbeing resources, guidance counselling and IT services. Your donation provides an extension and enrichment of the core-curriculum delivery to support teaching and learning, special learning needs, and meeting the wellbeing needs of our students.


Why do we ask for a learning contribution? 

Parent contributions for learning, enable the purchase of goods and services used for specialist learning opportunities such as online programmes, resources, experts, experiences and events.

To assist parents and caregivers with the timing of learning contribution costs, there will be appropriate notice given. Each activity that requires parent contribution will only be confirmed when we have reached the level of the overall cost. If we have a cancellation, payments already made will be refunded.

A breakdown of the learning contribution costs for each year level will be provided on the student statements, and are available on the school website and parent portal from early next week. We apologise for the delay in posting this information, but there have been recent price adjustments for many of our learning experiences and opportunities.

Optional Activities with Set Fees (Fee costs will be provided at student registration)

  • NZ AIMS sports camps

  • Sports Team Registration(s) and sport uniform

  • Music lesson tuition through itinerant Music Teachers

  • Extra school cultural activities approved by the senior leadership team, e.g. school disco, etc.

  • ICAS and Australian Mathematics Competition Test entry fees

The Benefit of your Donation/Contribution for your Tax Credit Claim

You will be able to claim a tax credit which gives you back 33% of the donation/contribution that is paid. The school will provide you with a receipt following payment of your donation/contribution.

To be eligible for this rebate, any donation paid by 31 March each year will be given a receipt by the school in April. You will then need to complete an IR526. See the below link to the IRD website explaining this: Tax Credit for Parent Donation/Contribution

Please refer to our website for more information. We will have this updated for 2023 this coming Monday.