Tomorrow Expo - Year 9 Technology

Year 9 Digital Technology and Digital Design students recently had the opportunity to attend the “Tomorrow Expo” with Tech23. This allowed them to meet leading technology companies and explore possible technology career pathways.

The event was held at the Viaduct Events Centre, where a wide range of interactive displays were set up with industry professionals ready to answer our learners' questions. Students were given the time to explore and test different technologies. 

Following this, a panel discussion was held where industry professionals from Microsoft spoke about their journey from education into the field of technology, sharing their experiences and advice. This was followed by a keynote given by Lee Timutimu, the CEO of Te Matarau, The Māori Tech Association. He spoke of the importance of finding your tribe and making connections to achieve your goals. He also stressed the importance of people and making sure that as you move into a career, you need to find time for loved ones.

Some of the most memorable experiences of the day for our students included:

“Seeing the drone that measured the pollution in our atmosphere”

“Learning how a Tesla is tracked using technology”

“Seeing that there are opportunities for Science and Technology to cross over, I could work in both the Medicine and Tech fields at the same time.”

“Seeing that there are lots of women in Tech careers.”

“Hearing that not all Technology roles involve coding.”

“Finding out how to become the CEO of your own company.”

“Getting so many freebies!”

“Finding out about the Media Design School and the options for further education.”