International Culture Week (Article by student Hannah Jung)

On Monday AJHS kicked off its first day of International Culture Week with an assortment of activities from different cultures. Nowhere was busier than the Korean section in Tui. The atmosphere in the atrium was lively and bustling: people were seen singing and dancing along to popular K-pop songs while leaders ran a range of Korean games such as jaegichagi(tassel kicking), tuho (pitch-pot) and marble games.

Students burned their tongues trying out the spice eating challenge - a cup of tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) doused in Buldak sauce proved much spicier than expected for many.

They could then relieve their aching mouths with a sweet Korean snack: the iconic dalgona candy popularised by the TV show ‘Squid Game’.

Overall, it was a fun day for everyone and an amazing experience for the leaders. It was really special to see people of all ethnicities enjoying Korean culture.