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Pohutukawa EOTC Week

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In this article, you will find information about the Year 5 & 6 EOTC (Education Outside of the Classroom) week, including an overnight stay at school. Please carefully read all the information in this article. For further information about the particular track your child is participating in, click on the correct link below.

The Year 5 & 6 EOTC Week will take place from Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December (Week 8 Term 4). We are also planning for Pōhutukawa students to stay overnight at school on Wednesday 2 December.

EOTC Week Organisation

Throughout the week, there will be five tracks running: 

  • Art & Museums with Michélle 
  • Books & Films with Regina 
  • Innovation with Kalesha
  • Outdoors with Andy
  • Sports with Gar Kee 

Students will be part of the same track for the whole week. Please note that to keep the group sizes relatively similar, we asked students to put down their top three choices. Each student got either their first or second choice. If you are unsure which track your child is in, refer back to the email with the link to this article.

All groups will be based at Amesbury School and will spend at least two days doing activities offsite. Groups will travel to their offsite activities by bus or by car, depending on the activity.

Each day students will need to bring their morning tea, lunch and water bottle. The only exception is for students who stay overnight at school on Wednesday; we will provide a packed morning tea and lunch on Thursday for those students. All other required gear is listed in the information below.

During this week, students do not need to wear their school uniform.

Please read the brief outline for each track below.

Arts & Museums with Michélle

Books & Films with Regina

Innovation with Kalesha

Outdoors with Andy

Sports with Gar Kee

Overnight Stay at School:

To make this week feel a bit more like a camp week, we will be having a one night sleepover at school. On Wednesday 2 December, students will go home at 3:00pm as normal and return to school at 4:30pm. This gives teachers time to prepare for the evening. Upon their return, students will set up their beds - girls in Kikorangi (blue carpet) and boys in Māwhero (pink carpet).

The plan for the evening and following morning is as follows:


4:30pm - Students arrive at school and set up their beds

5:00pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Evening activities

8:00pm - Get ready for bed

8:30pm - Lights out


7:30am - Get up, get dressed, pack bags, get ready for the day

8:00am - Breakfast and pack lunch for the day

9:00am - Carry on with EOTC week activities

For the overnight stay, students will need to bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, pyjamas, toiletries, an extra set of clothes, any medication they require, an empty lunch box (for their packed lunch), a water bottle, a small amount of baking (Year 5s) or fruit (Year 6s) for a shared morning tea and a bowl and spoon (for breakfast).

Because the sleepover is at school and will have six teachers onsite, we do not require any extra parent help. Enjoy your own bed.

Permission Form and EOTC Week Payment

Please click on this link to fill out the EOTC Week Permission form by Friday 6 November 2020 (Week 4 Term 4).

This form also asks you to indicate whether you are available and keen to help out with any of the day trips. We will confirm parent help early in Week 5.

The full payment must be paid by Friday 20 November 2020 (Week 6 Term 4). You will find the cost of your child’s track on the specific information doc linked above.

You should make your payment using the school’s online shop. If you haven’t used this yet, here is the link. You will need to register the first time you use the shop, and then top up your account so you have credit. Invoices for the track your child is in will be loaded onto your account in the online shop by 6th November.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher in charge of your child’s track.

Andy - andy@amesbury.school.nz

Gar Kee - garkee@amesbury.school.nz

Kalesha - kalesha@amesbury.school.nz

Michélle - michelle@amesbury.school.nz

Regina - regina@amesbury.school.nz

Warm regards,

The Pōhutukawa Team