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Parent Survey and Parent Focus Group Sessions

Lesley Murrihy —

Parents have several opportunities to contribute feedback to inform the schools 2021 Annual Charter goals. Please read more to find out.

Kia ora koutou

We are currently collecting feedback from parents, teachers and students to answer the following question: How well are we implementing the vision for education for Amesbury School?

In other words, we are wanting to find out how well we are actually doing what we say we do. Or put another way, is there a match between our espoused theories and what we do in practice?

To answer that question, this year we are focusing on five learning approaches that we say are important to education at Amesbury school:

1. Personalising learning

2. Real world, authentic contexts for learning

3. High expectations

4. Student agency and self-directedness

5. Team teaching and collaboration

There are further learning approaches which we will gather feedback about next year.

As well as student, parent and teacher surveys, we are doing a range of hub observations and we will carry out an exercise in which we will follow the information we have about a group of students (chosen at random), to see how well hubs are following the evidence to meet their learning needs. Of course, student achievement and progress data will also be included.

For parent feedback:

The following is a link to take you to the parent surveys, which we are keen to see everyone fill out. These consist of quite a number of multi-choice questions and finishes with an opportunity to provide more commentary if you wish to.

Parent Survey Link

We are also interested to hear more from you in person at Parent Focus Group Sessions. These will be held in week five at the following times:

Please use the links to RSVP your attendance, so that we can organise the groups for the sessions in advance.

Light refreshments will be available.

We look forward to hearing from you via the survey and/or at one of the Parent Focus Group Sessions. We will report back to you on the findings.

Ngā mihi nui

Urs and Lesley (school principal currently on leave)