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Board of Trustees Update

Beckie Duffy —

The Board of Trustees met on Wednesday 25 October. Here is an update on what was covered:

Cluster Update: Lesley advised the Board that the schools that work together in the Northern Cluster are currently focusing on developing a vision for the group, outlining how they work together and their focus.

Availability of Space: While we wait for our new build to be approved and funded by the Government, our increasing roll now means we will need to explore the more creative use of space moving forward. This was discussed, with several options to be investigated.

Bike Track/Pump Track Update: The final stage of our bike track development, the pump track, is now awaiting the availability of clay for completion (apparently a scarce resource at the moment!). We currently have half of what we need. 

Health & Safety: The Board signed off the Year 5 and 6 camp health and safety documents.

Recapitation: After a robust discussion about next steps, the Board decided to put Amesbury's recapitation application temporarily on hold while we follow the Ministry of Education's advice to consult more fully with the three schools most impacted and opposing our application.

Policies:  The Board reviewed and approved three policies: Student Promotion, Sensitive Expenditure and Fundraising.

2018 School Charter Consultation: The Board discussed several areas that will feed into the 2018 Charter, including the desired outcomes of an Amesbury education, a multi-cultural education, how we should position ourselves as a school, teacher workload/worklife balance and rewards/awards systems.

The Board's next meeting is on Wednesday 29 November.

You can find out more about our Board of Trustees on our website, or contact them at bot@amesbury.school.nz.