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Year 0, 1 and 2 camp - Term 4, 2018

Rachael van Rij —

29th-30th November

The end of year camps are fast approaching! Our exciting end of year junior camp will consist of two parts: a fun active day exploring Wellington City and the opportunity for an overnight stay. We will camp overnight at school, sleeping marae-style in the hub. Here is the overview of the two days:


  • Thursday day trip: All children arrive at school in their uniform. We will travel by bus, to Wellington City, and return to school for 3pm. Activities include: visits to Te Papa, the City Gallery and exploring some of our Wellington parks. All students go home/to Kelly Club as usual at 3pm. 
  • Thursday overnight: Those students staying over will return to school at 5pm (in mufti) with their gear. We will have a shared dinner altogether and then sleep overnight in the hub.
  • Friday: Breakfast and pack up the hub. The children who did not stay overnight can arrive back at school from 8:30am. From 9am there will be a rotation day at school for everyone. All children can wear mufti for the day.

It promises to be lots of fun and hopefully everyone will sleep REALLY well on Friday night after all of our new learning!


The cost of the camp will be $26 per student. This includes the Thursday day trip, dinner on Thursday and breakfast, morning tea and lunch on Friday.

If you do not want your child to take part in the overnight stay, they can still take part in the daytime activities on the Thursday and Friday. The cost for this will be $15.

We will be asking all students to bring their own morning tea and lunch on Thursday, as usual. If your child is not staying overnight, they will need to bring their morning tea and lunch on Friday.

Consent and Parent Help:

Here is the link to our camp consent form. Please complete this form for your child/ren by Friday 26th of October. We will be looking for some additional help with supervision on the day trip, and we will also be grateful for additional help on our overnight stay at school. There is some flexibility around when you arrive and leave. There is a section on the consent form to fill in if you are able to help with any part of the camp.


Mufti clothes for Friday, toiletries, PJ’s, bed roll, pillow, sleeping bag, any medication, soft toy if required.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about the camp.

Warm regards,

Alexis, Amaria, Andrea, Gemma, Katie and Sonali