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Photo by Rachael van Rij

Korean performance

Rachael van Rij —

The school enjoyed a wonderful performance by a travelling Korean group last week.

The Korean Embassy invited a team of musicians called Beautiful Mind to visit Wellington in August and arranged for them to tour a number of Wellington Schools. Luckily for us, we made the list! 

They are a philanthropic organisation that helps less privileged people with their music, and at the same time they pursue cultural diplomacy through various cultural events at different countries.

The Embassy is also holding a charity concert with this group.

We asked a few of our students what they thought about the performance: 

Andrew from Te Rito said ... "I liked the sound they made" and "they go all over the world!".

Veda from Te Rito said ... "they did good dancing and made lovely songs". 

Arion from Harakeke said ... "the instruments they used were similar to Chinese instruments but the sounds were different. It was quite good!"

Raiko from Harakeke said ... "It was awesome! I haven't heard those instruments before and it was cool to see the Korean dancing."

Jasmine from Harakeke said ... "It was a good performance because of the different instruments they used and the different songs they sang."

Claire from Harakeke said ... "It was really nice because it was from visitors, and some had disabilities, but they could still play - it was inspiring! If they can do it, we can do it."