Hero photograph
Photo by John Murrihy

Scooter Day

John Murrihy —

Some original ideas and a lot of effort went to decorating scooters for Scooter Day.

I didn't see many school uniforms being worn today so that alone must have raised a fortune for the "ourtime" group raising money for scooter ramps. 

Image by: John Murrihy

Also, what a wonderful array of decorated scooters there were lined up in the scooter racks for the day. And this only some of them.

Image by: John Murrihy

Lunchtime produced a mass of colour and speed on the netball courts for the scooter parade.

Image by: John Murrihy

 We even had a panda but I think they spent the session trying to fit their helmet on.

Image by: John Murrihy

The other "ourtime" fundraising activity was a bake sale held at morning tea. Obviously, the baking was yummy because they raised a good sum for various causes around Wellington including the SPCA and Wellington Hospital.

Thanks to all the parents, children and teachers for the generous donation of time and money to make the day enjoyable and raise funds for the "ourtime" projects.

If you like any of the photos they are probably the copyright property of our Te Rito photographers, Maddi and Kailey, who took it in turns to keep using the camera.