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Term 2 Matariki Disco

Kalesha Segatta —

Both teachers and students are excited to announce that we will have a disco towards the end of this term. The disco will be held on Thursday 23rd June and will be divided into two parts.

We will hold a junior disco for our Year 0-2 students from 4:30pm - 5:30pm. Then, we will hold a senior disco for our Year 3-6 students from 6:00pm - 7:15pm. We are aware that our Year 2 students are split between Koru and Harakeke Hub and have different friend groups depending on the hub that they are in. Therefore, we are giving our year 2 students the choice to attend either the junior or senior disco.

Entrance for both discos should be purchased through our school Kindo Shop and are priced at $2.00 each. Tickets can now be purchased on the school Kindo Shop. Your child’s entry needs to be purchased by Tuesday 21st June.

Cheese Pizza can also be ordered in advance through our school Kindo Shop (Gluten-free option will be available). Pizza will cost $1.50 per slice. A small amount of pizza may be available for cash purchases. However, we strongly recommend that you pre-order through the shop to avoid disappointment.

Alongside the $2.00 entry fee, we will have a range of things for students to purchase with cash during the disco. The things that will be available for students to purchase are:

  • Bags of assorted lollies - $2.00 per bag

  • Small packets of chippies - $1.00 per bag

  • A range of glow-in-the-dark products - ranging from 50c - $2.50

  • Face painting - 50c

  • Temporary Tattoos - 50c

  • Water dispensers will be available in both Māwhero and Kikorangi for children to help themselves.

If your child(ren) will be interested in purchasing any of the above, please ensure that you send them to the disco with cash (coins and notes of smaller denominations only please as we may not have change for larger notes).

Both the junior and senior discos will be held in the hall. When students arrive at the disco, we ask that they enter through the main entrance to the hall (the main entrance at the front of the school).

For both the junior and senior discos, we are asking for parent support to help us decorate the hall, organise and sell our food and glow products, help to apply the temporary tattoos and face paint, and to help us clear up at the end. We are in need of quite a few parent helpers, so if you are keen to help us with this event, please contact kalesha@amesbury.school.nz as soon as possible to let her know which disco you will be able to support us with.

On the evening of the disco, there will be a range of teachers and parent helpers on hand to monitor and engage with students, therefore caregivers are welcome to drop off at the start time and pick them up at the end time. Caregivers are welcome to accompany their children if they wish to. We do ask that any younger siblings remain with their caregiver rather than heading into the hall.

For both the junior and senior discos, we encourage parents wherever possible to leave their children under the supervision of teachers and parent helpers. However, if you wish to stay on-site, you are welcome to head to the parent connection space in the Library. This will allow us to maintain more distancing for students in the hall.

Our disco last year went extremely well, with our tamariki (children) having a blast. We know that they will be very excited to attend the next one and look forward to seeing their awesome dance moves once again! The disco, this term, is Matariki themed as it is just before the long celebration weekend. Students from all 3 hubs will be making a range of decorations in the coming weeks to decorate the hall. We are super excited to see how it looks!

Kalesha has oversight of the disco organization and is happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to send Kalesha an email if you have any kalesha@amesbury.school.nz