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Parent consultation session: PE and Health

Urs Cunningham —

On Tuesday 23rd March we will be holding a parent consultation / discussion session around our PE and Health programmes.

We would like as many parents as possible to come along and part of the conversation. It will run from 6pm - 7:15pm on Tuesday 23rd, in Harakeke Hub.

We will run the session as four stations:

- PE and Sports: physical activity

- Good mental health and identity

- Positive sexuality and relationships

- Keeping yourself safe (online safety and physical safety); nutrition

For each station, a teacher will explain what our programme includes, and in particular what aspects we are looking to cover in these areas this year. We will then have a group discussion around other aspects parents would like included, or other considerations around this programme.

This session is a blend of gaining feedback from parents, and also giving information about what is covered at school, and how different aspects of these programmes are covered.

The session will begin at 6pm in Mawhero (the area with pink carpet in Harakeke Hub). We hope to see many of you there.

School Open Morning

Earlier on Tuesday 23rd March we also have an open morning, where parents and whānau can come and spend time in learning sessions to see what learning looks like in action. If you are interested in attending, please complete this short form, to allow us to manage numbers in each space. 

Warm regards,

The Amesbury team