by Michelle Prinsloo


Amesbury students will be attending the ASB School Sport Program during term 3.

 We are very fortunate to be participating in the fabulous sport coaching sessions offered by the ASB School Program this term, and we are excited about getting started! 

 Each student will have the opportunity to be coached in two different sport codes over a six-week period, which will be spread out across term 3. At the end of term 2 we completed a survey with all the students to determine which sports our students would be interested in, and we made our selection of the different codes based on that. These coaching sessions will form part of our PE and Health Curriculum for term 3. 

 Students will be attending these sessions at the ASB Sports Centre during school time and will be transported there and back by bus. The main purpose of this program is to get students interested in being active participants in a variety of sports. Each weekly session will be 45 minutes long. Sessions will be made up of two parts: age appropriate skill building, and then actively participating in the sport. The sports sessions are taught by representatives from regional sport organizations, or the ASB Sports Centre Programs team. We are certain that our students are going to learn a huge amount and enjoy this a lot!

We are also pleased that we are now in full swing with our netball and mini-ball teams starting this term, after not being able to participate in  inter-school sport last term. In the second week of this term our new fitness track will be completed, and this will then be incorporated into our fitness programmes across the school. Combined with hub swimming, all of this means that our children will be very active this term, which will be great. 

Below is the planned program for the ASB Centre:


Dates and times for the three hubs:

Koru Hub - Mondays

12:10pm-12:55pm on 27th July, 10th, 17th and 24th August.

12:30pm-1:15pm 31st August, and 7th September.


1. Gymnastics

2. Athletics

3. Tennis

4. Futsal

Harakeke Hub - Tuesdays

12:30pm-1:15pm on 21st and 28th July, 4th and 25th August, 1st and 15th September


1. Dodgeball

2. Gymnastics

3. Futsal

4. Tennis

Pohutukawa Hub - Thursdays

12:30pm-1:15pm on 23rd July, 13th, 20th and 27th August, 10th and 17th September


1. Gymnastics

2. Dodgeball

3. Netball

4. Futsal