Hannah Dunbar and Maddie Thomas - 2015 MVP's by admin Amesbury School

Netball 2015

Well done to all our netball players who represented Amesbury School this season...

It was great to have enough players to enter 2 teams into the Northern Suburbs netball competition again, and with 12 new players across both teams, the coaches and teams certainly had their work cut out for them!  We had a good run with the weather so got plenty of games in, with everyone gaining new skills and understanding of the game.

The netball season came to a close last Sunday at our annual family netball tournament and prize-giving.   The players were each given a certificate with personalised comments from their coaches, and the MVPs, Team Players and Most Improved Players were presented.

Our teams and winners were:

Amesbury All-Stars, (years 4-6), coached by Debbie Dunbar.

Hannah Dunbar, Arnah Laracy, Mischa Holley, Sam Thomas, Lucy Chambers, Abbie Jones, Melanie Kimble, Kate Yu

  • Most valuable Player: Hannah Dunbar
  • Team Player: Arnah Laracy
  • Most Improved Player: Mischa Holley

Amesbury Ferns, (year 4), coached by Teesha Bhasin

Kellan Van Koughnet, Rosa Chambers, Maddie Thomas, Matthew Zhu, Ha-Yeon Lee, Sara Picard, Priya Patel, Zoe Lockery, Grace Buchanan, Kate Yu,

  • Team Player: Grace Buchanan
  • Most Valuable Player: Maddie Thomas
  • Most Improved Player: Priya Patel

A big thank you to the coaches, managers and parents for your support this season.