by Lesley Murrihy

Sore throats still matter

Rheumatic fever is preventable

Sore throats matter, and if your child has a sore throat then it is important that they get it checked out by their doctor or attend a throat clinic in your area.

  • Sore throats can be caused by a certain type of germ (commonly known as strep throat). If this germ is not treated, it may cause rheumatic fever and permanent damage to the heart.
  • Rheumatic fever is preventable. Treatment can be as simple as making sure your child is treated for strep throat with antibiotics taken once a day.

To prevent other people in the family getting strep throat, you should make sure that everyone in the house with a sore throat gets checked by a doctor, as the germ can be transferred from person to person through 'saliva' e.g. sharing drinks or food. To prevent 'strep throat' spreading, people should cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.