Our music teachers by Lesley Murrihy

Our music teachers and our music lessons

A hearty welcome to Derek (your left), Tom and Felicity, our new music tutors. They are very experienced and capable musicians and tutors and we are pleased to be able to offer a broad range of music-related experiences. There are still places available if you are interested. Please see below.

 Music lessons have changed slightly since last term. We are really excited to welcome three amazing new music tutors to Amesbury School. Tom Scrase, Felicity Tang and Derek Champion have joined us. This means we can now offer more lessons and a wider selection.

We still have a few places available in some group lessons and all three music tutors are available to provide individual lessons. If you would like your child to join a new lesson, please email Gail to see if there is a place available. If not, your child will be put on a waiting list.

A list of available lessons is below - all of which are 30 minutes in duration. The cost remains the same as term 2; $8.00 per lesson for group tuition, $31.00 per lesson for individual tuition.

  • Guitar - group or individual
  • Keyboard - group or individual
  • Ukelele - group or individual
  • Singing - group or individual
  • Musical theatre & Mime - group
  • Speech & Drama - group
  • Percussion (using a variety of tools & resources to create rhythm) - group
  • Electronic composition (using things like Garage Band and creating soundtracks for movies)

Please contact Gail if you are interested.