by Lesley Murrihy

Review of Special Needs in New Zealand

The Ministry of Education is carrying out a review of the provision for students with special needs in New Zealand. Parents and caregivers are invited to additional Special Education Update forums.

A message from the Ministry of Education:  We invite parents, caregivers and others to additional Special Education Update forums to discuss improvement ideas. The forums build on recent discussions with representative groups, professionals and some individuals (including parents). The Ministry heard and understands that more people want to contribute and has decided to hold the extra forums - mainly for parents but others are also welcome. The additional forums are being held from mid August to 4 September and are the same format as earlier ones. All forum contributions are being fed into an analysis of key themes and will inform decisions about priority improvements. For more information about these Special Education Update forums, please contact your local Ministry of Education office or (04) 463 7608. Read more about the additional forums on the Ministry’s website, including pre-reading and the topics for discussion.

An opinion piece on special education by Secretary for Education Peter Hughes: