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Amesbury Digest - 11 July 2019

We have received a few late notices about additional holiday activities and rather than having the kids miss out on opportunities we've included them in a special edition of School Notices.

Please also check out the articles on the Amesbury Awesomeness Awards and the end of term Learning Celebration.

Also attached are articles on Mid Year Reports and Swimming Sports Information.

The only other thing at the moment is to remind you that the school offers various co-curricular lessons. Please give it some thought. Lessons start in Week 2 so sign up soon to avoid the chance of missing out.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

The Amesbury Team


School Notices - 8 July 2019

by John Murrihy

We've received a few very late notices related to holiday activities so here they are ....

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Learning Celebration

by John Murrihy

A range of emotions in a short period of time summed up our end of Term 2 Learning Celebration

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Amesbury Awesomeness Awards

by John Murrihy

The 2019 Term 2 Amesbury Awesomeness Awards were handed out to some very surprised recipients at the Learning Celebration. To find out who and why - read on ....

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Mid-year reports will be live on ALF in Week 1 of Term 3.

by Urs Cunningham

We report on student progress four times a year. At the end of terms 1 and 3 we have student conferences, and at the start of term 3 and the end of term 4 we have an online written report.

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Swimming Sports Information

by Georgia Poole

Year 4-6 Swimming Sports will be held Tawa Pool on Thursday 25th July (Week 1, Term 3). Year 1-3 Swimming Sports will be held Keith Spry Pool on Thursday 1st August (12-2.30pm)(Week 2, Term 3)

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Have you considered Amesbury's Co-curricular Classes?

by John Murrihy

We have a range of opportunities to participate in small group or individual music, drama, and gymnastics lessons with specialist teachers and we currently have spaces available.

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