by Rachael van Rij

Year 3 and 4 camp - final info

We are on the countdown to camp!

Just a few reminders. Students need to be at school with all of their gear before 9am on Thursday 29th. The bus leaves school at 9:30am. The timetable for the camp is here.

On Thursday, after our walk at Kaitoke, we are heading to Maidstone Park and H2O Extreme between 1.30-5pm. If you can, we would love some extra adult helpers during this time. If you are willing to be in the pool to help us with the H20 ratio. Please email lisa - if you can come. We will be back at school ready to be picked up at 3pm on Friday 30th.

Below is the list of things your child will need to pack. Please keep bags small. Your child will need to be able to carry this themselves.

  • Day packs
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Water Bottle
  • Jumper
  • Sun hat
  • Sun lotion (if you want to provide them with their own. We will have school sun lotion)
  • Some baking or fruit to share for Friday if you can (to be handed to teachers on Thursday morning).

Swimming Bag (NOT to be put in overnight bag)

  • Swimwear
  • Goggles/Cap
  • Towel

Overnight bag

  • Sleeping bag, pillowcase and pillow
  • Spare clothes for day 2, including underwear
  • Jersey or hoodie
  • Night wear
  • Light rain jacket
  • 1 extra towel (for washing)
  • Tooth brush, tooth paste and general wash gear
  • Small torch
  • A book
  • One plastic bag for wet togs and towel.
  • A personal comfort item if needed (like a cuddly toy)

Any required medication (please inform teachers about details for administration prior to the day of departure)

Please ensure that students do not bring mobile phones or electronic devices, sweets or money with them on this trip.