by Rachael van Rij

Junior Athletics Day: Year 0-2 information

The Year 0-2 students will enjoy a range of athletic activities at Amesbury School, in Week 7, on Tuesday 27th of November starting at 10 am and finishing at 12.25pm.

On the day, students can come to school in their sports clothes. They will also need:

  • change of t-shirt in case students get muddy etc

  • plenty of food and water

  • sunblock

  • school sunhat and polar fleece (as it is a summer term, students need sunhats to participate in outside activities)

  • appropriate running clothes and footwear (bare feet is also fine)

  • warm clothing and wet weather gear (just in case it is blowing a gale or the rain sets in)

We welcome family and friends to come and support their children as they participate in the different events. You may be asked to help out, but we will endeavour to make sure you are only helping at the event when your child is participating.

If you require further information, please e-mail

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