by Rachael van Rij

Athletics year 3-6 summary

What a great day for it!

The sun shone, the birds chirped and the students ran, jumped and threw. Our athletics event at Newtown Park for Year 3-6 students went really well, with students impressing adults yet again with their perseverance, enthusiasm and willingness to give everything a go. We would like to particularly acknowledge Jet and Kyle, who both joined Harakeke Hub on Monday. They both joined in enthusiastically with all events, despite not having the preparation other students had in Term 3.

All students rotated through high jump, long jump, vortex, quoits, 100m sprints and 150m sprints. For Year 4-6 students, the results from these events will determine if students have qualified for the Northern Zone Athletics competition in Week 4.

Please see our Results page here. Well done to these students. 

And a big well done to staff who worked hard to support students throughout the day; our thanks go out to all parents and whanau who helped out on the day, particularly Alana Gould, Mike Fraser and Garth Hayward, who supported events right through the day. 

Good luck to the following students who will compete at Northern Zones on Monday, 5 November:

Year 4 girls

  • Short sprint - Felicity, Nakshatra
  • Long sprint - Felicity, Nakshatra
  • Long jump - Felicity, Nakshatra
  • High jump - Nakshatra, Felicity
  • Vortex - Anvi
  • Quoits - Reema, Felicity

Year 4 boys

  • Short sprint - Nishanth, George
  • Long sprint - Nishanth, George
  • Long jump - Nishanth, Juto
  • High jump - Nishanth
  • Vortex - Juto

Year 5 girls

  • Short sprint - Matilda, Anika
  • Long sprint - Matilda, Anika
  • Long jump - Matilda
  • Quoits - Caitlyn, Nikki
  • Relay - Matilda, Anika, Drew, Caitlyn VR

Year 5 boys

  • Long sprint - Jared, Riley
  • Long jump - Jared, Riley
  • Vortex - Jared
  • Quoits - Rohaan, Riley
  • Relays - Riley, Jared, Rohaan, Sam T

Year 6 - girls

  • Short sprint - Alexis, Holly
  • Long sprint - Alexis, Holly
  • High jump - Lopa, Caitlin
  • Quiots - Alexis, Nethmi
  • Relay - Alexis, Holly, Caitlin, Lopa

Year 6 - boys

  • Short sprint - Jack D, Sam G
  • Long sprint - Echelon, Jack V
  • Long jump - Echelon, Tom
  • High jump - Tom, Echelon
  • Vortex - Tom, Sam G
  • Quoits - Tom, Jack Di
  • Relay - Jack D, Echelon, Sam G, Jack V