by Rachael van Rij

Further Road Safety Concerns

You will be aware of the measures we have taken to try and ensure safety for our children when it comes to our carpark. We thank you for your continued efforts and patience in this regard.

We have had a local resident raise concerns regarding their inability to see children walking down Amesbury Drive when they are reversing out of their driveway. We wanted to raise this concern with you, and have you take this opportunity to discuss with your children the need to “be aware” when crossing driveways as they walk home.

In this instance, the resident reports 3 near misses in the past 3 weeks with children crossing a driveway, completely oblivious to the near danger. Thankfully this resident had a reversing camera and could see the children walk in front of the rear of the car, and had time to stop, but the children continued on completely unaware of the potential outcome of the situation. Particularly in the mornings when it can be darker, and our children are dressed in black, it can make them harder for residents to see them, not to mention the many courier vans we see these days.

We would urge you to speak with your children and remind them to take a defensive approach, looking for obstacles and possible dangers and to double check for cars at EVERY driveway.

We understand it is a hard message to communicate, but all the same, we want to be vigilant about this.