by Angela Johnston

Koru Hub Writing

We have been learning about language devices and how to use them in our writing to make it more interesting.  Here are some examples by the children in Koru Hub.

The growling, shouting, creaking dinosaur is as freaky as a sneaky crocodile.  The dinosaur is as scary as a shark.  The white polar bear is soft like santa's beard.  Similes by Garv.

The roaring dinosaur is as loud as a lawn mower.  A simile by Riley.

The green light on the traffic light is as green as a witch's potion.  A simile by Emma L.

The careful, pretty, perfect polar bear.  Alliteration by Cameron.

The white polar bear is as hungry as a shark.  A simile by Anonymous.

The shivering polar bear is as cold as ice but also the ice is breaking like glass.  Similes by Riley.

The perfect, petted polar bear catches fish for the Antarctic explorers.  The big, brown bear is as smart as a scientist. Alliteration and a simile by Alex.

The cute, cuddly puppy is as soft as a teddy bear.  The watery, wet bear strolls through the grass.  Alliteration and a simile by Milly.

The funny, floppy fish.  Alliteration by Lenny.

The fish is as slow as a turtle.  A simile by Louise.

Splash! The fish jumps and jumps and then dies.  Repetition by Alphon.

The bear is as fluffy as a cat.  A simile by Niamh.

Balancing bear on slippery ice.  Alliteration by Anonymous.

Big, beautiful bear, he is really soft as a teddy.  Alliteration and a simile by Anonymous.

Big, brown, bad bear.  Alliteration by Atharva.