by Urs Cunningham

Mid year report comments now viewable on Hero

As we are now half way through the 2021 school year, our mid year report comments are now live on Hero.

Each year we report on student progress every term. In terms 1 and 3 we hold student conferences, and in terms 2 and 4 we write mid year / end of year report comments. Last year was a notable exception to this system, due to disruptions caused by our mid year lockdown. This meant we ran two sets of student conferences and completed one set of report comments. 

Reports comments are added to the '2021 Report' page on Hero. This is the main learning page you have for your child on Hero, which shows the large green dials for each main learning area. Underneath all of the dial diagrams, you will find your child's mid year report comment. Students will have been shown their report at school on Wednesday, and once students have seen their report, they will be live for parents and whānau to view. 

Each report comment includes the following:

- A short explanation of what the hub has been focusing on in communication arts (reading, writing, oral language) and maths

- A 'General / Whānau teacher comment' which has been written by your child's whānau teacher and moderated by other teachers in the team. This includes a general overview of your child's first two terms this year

- An 'Ākonga comment' which has been written by your child. This may include information about what they like doing at school, how they interact with their friends and peers, and particular events or aspects of note so far this year

- Te Ako Mapi - your child's learning map. For students in Harakeke Hub and Pōhutuakwa Hub, this will be a link to your child's learning map (Te Ako Mapi). For Koru Hub students, this will be a comment from your child about how they are progressing with their current learning map goal. 

Where to find the report comment

Log into your Hero account and click on the photo of your child. This will take you directly to their main '2021 Report' page. This page will show you your child's achievement in reading, writing, journey of growth and development (social and emotional development), and maths. Under the maths information you will find their 2021 mid year report comment. 

Please note that at the very bottom of your child's report page, you can find their attendance information for the first two terms. This will be shown in two large dials, one for each term. The darker green section shows the percentage of time at school, the light green shows the number of lates recorded, red shows the percentage of time away for an unjustified reason, and orange shows time away for a justified reason (such as sickness, bereavement, or other educational endeavours). You can hover your cursor over each section to see information about the number of half days in each section. 

If you have any trouble finding or viewing your child's report comment, please don't hesitate to contact your child's whānau teacher and they will assist you with this. 

Warm regards, 

The Amesbury team