by John Murrihy

Scooter Day! Friday 3 May

You want to wear mufti, be in a parade, race your scooter and eat yummy food? Read on ....

Created by: Luke F and Marco R

Hello to all the parents

 We are going to have a scooter day fundraiser. Why? This is a fundraiser for the whole school, the "scooter ramp ourtime kids" are doing a fundraiser to raise money to get some scooter ramps for the school. 

Your kids can wear mufti and we ask that they bring a one dollar donation to wear mufti. There will be scooter races at morning tea and lunch time. Your kids can decorate their own scooters and there will a scooter parade at 1:05 for anyone who dressed up their scooter. Also there will be a competition for the best one. There will be great awards for the three best scooter decorations. 

There will also be ice blocks at lunchtime for one dollar each. If your kids want to bring a donation not for the ice blocks but just in general, they can.

On the same day there will also be a bake sale run by other "ourtime" groups who are fundraising for various causes around Wellington including the SPCA and Wellington Hospital.

If children are bringing money to school we ask that it is in small denominations and that is is kept in a safe place. You are not obliged to donate to any of these causes if you do not want to. This is just an opportunity for the students to put their our time plans into practice.

Thank you for all of your support.

Nga Mihi