by Angela Johnston

Snow, snow and more snow!

And a bit of rain!

We started our adventure by heading away, on time at 9am.  We made it to Levin and were welcomed by fat raindrops and a bit of wind.  No chance to play in the playground unfortunately.   After an inside picnic at Levin Adventure Park we managed to get outside for a run in Taihape.    

Fluffy cows and baby lambs were abundant as we traversed across the countryside.  Finally we turned off the desert road. Some magnificent puddles and some bumpy tracks later we met the shuttle.   We were greeted at the base car park by our ski patrollers, ready to help transport and unload the gear.  We drove through the mist up the mountain onto the freshly cleared road.   

Onto sorting out bags, bunk rooms and baking before our lodge briefing by Laura our lodge manager.   Unfortunately white out conditions on the mountain prevented us from skiing this afternoon.  

Board games, cards, dominoes, free time and some drawing filled our afternoon. 

Franck and Jenna presented us with delicious spaghetti bolognaise and vegetable bake for dinner.  Mischa and Matilda's chocolate dessert finished it off a treat!

Shoveling snow into pots and melting it on the fire assisted in filling the sinks with hot, fresh water, ready for the dishes. Tonight's movie was Big Hero 6, with rain lashing the windows in the background. 

Warm, happy and tired children are all down for the count.  ZZzzzz