Board Meeting by Beckie Duffy

Board of Trustees By-Election

Nominations for the Board of Trustees By-Election close on Thursday, 29th March.

We invite you all to consider standing for the Board of Trustees at Amesbury School. Please get your nominations in on/by Thursday, 29 March. School Trusteeship is an opportunity to serve your community and your school by becoming involved in the governance of the school. However, it is not all serious work, we also have some laughs along the way!

From New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA):


  • are active leaders in our schools; We need more people willing to use their skills and experiences for the benefit of students
  • have an important role of supporting strong professional leadership and ensuring effective teaching for all students through informed governance.

Both parents and people from throughout the wider community can be school trustees. It is important that boards represent the diversity of their school communities to ensure a bright future for all our children. The trustee elections give parents of children at state and state-integrated schools the opportunity to stand for election or to vote for candidates who will make a positive difference for all students at their schools. It is an important responsibility, and all eligible parents should consider what their contribution might be.

"Board members are entrusted by the community to ensure the success of our schools and a bright future for our children. We need an education system where all children are expected to succeed and one where we all take shared responsibility in ensuring this happens. As a member of a school board you can make things happen - you can make a difference."

- Lorraine Kerr, NZSTA President