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Amesbury Digest - 20 March 2019

Ni hao, Namaste, Kia ora

Memorial Day – Friday, 22 March

Friday is a day of Remembrance at schools around the country. It will be good to join with them to remember all those impacted by the attack in Christchurch, but most of all to make a commitment that “never, never, never again”. This will require every one of us challenging racism and discrimination in all its forms wherever and whenever we see it. See the opinion piece I have included by Nigel Latta which is in the list of attachments below.

Plan for Friday

1. Students to come in mufti – either wear white or special colours or costume from your own culture. Each child to bring a gold coin donation from his/her own money, if possible.

2. Bake sale: we will have a bake sale at morning tea. Students to bring gold coins for this.

3. Sausage sizzle – chicken, gluten free, vegetarian and beef sausages will be available. Please put your orders in on the online shop.

4. LOVEWall – the children will create LOVEWorks which express love and these will be tied to the fence at the hall end of the courts. We will photograph this and put it out on social media to express our love and solidarity with all the victims of the attack.

All funds raised over the day will go towards providing support for the victims of the attack.

Digital Citizenship Consultation – your thoughts are needed

The Board of Trustees is revising its Digital Citizenship Policy and its Internet and Cyber Safety Policy. We are considering the thorny issue of how to ensure the safety and privacy of our students when parents take photos and videos at school events. We have put together a draft policy in relation to this and would like your feedback or thoughts. We will email you a link to the Loomio thread where you will see a copy of the suggested Parent Declaration attached and you can share your thoughts. As I said, this is a thorny issue and we have tried to take a “reasonableness” approach. Please ensure all comments are respectful and kind. Thank you.

Board of Trustees - Triennial Election

Remember to be thinking about whether you might stand. We have a question and answer session next Wednesday at 7pm, school library. Please feel free to come and find out from current Board members what the role involves and what the rewards and benefits might be.

Let’s be kind to each other…be a community that cares…and denounce racism and discrimination in all its forms and expressions.





School Notices - 20 March 2019

by John Murrihy

What's happening at school over the next week ....

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Welcome to our new students ....

by John Murrihy

A huge Amesbury welcome to our newest students George, Shenaya, Bayley and Max and their whanaus.

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Say no to racism and discrimination in all its forms

by Lesley Murrihy

Nigel Latta wrote that the harder work is ahead of us as we challenge hatred in all its forms whenever we encounter it. Here is his opinion piece.

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Parents taking photographs or filming at school events - what do you think?

by Lesley Murrihy

We are wanting to know what you think about whether parents should be able to video or photograph at school events. If so, under what conditions?

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Feeling safe priority after 15 March traumatic events

by Lesley Murrihy

This article outlines the approach we are taking this week to ensure students feel safe at Amesbury School. It also outlines a plan by year 6 students to show that we stand with those most affected by the tragedy.

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Emergency Drill: Lock-Down

by John Murrihy

We could not have known how timely it was to have an emergency lock-down drill yesterday.

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PSW Football

by John Murrihy

An enjoyable and fruitful day out for the students and parents who went to this week's football tournament.

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Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

Student Conferences Term 1, 2019

by Urs Cunningham

Amesbury School will be holding our first round of student conferences in the final week of this term.

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