by Lesley Murrihy

Parents taking photographs or filming at school events - what do you think?

We are wanting to know what you think about whether parents should be able to video or photograph at school events. If so, under what conditions?

We have been revising our Digital Citizenship and Internet and Cyber Safety Policies. One of the tricky areas we have been considering is whether parents should be able to video or photograph students' images at school events. To date, we have not had any complaints about the fact that this does happen. Some schools do ban cameras and camcorders etc. from school events; however, we are not keen to go down this pathway, but would prefer school community members who attend school events to show good digital citizenship and respect the privacy rights of others and act for the safety of all students. We have written a draft declaration for parents to agree to at the time of enrolment which outlines rights and responsibilities in relation to this. We would appreciate feeback from you about what you think of the draft expectations. What else needs to be included? What needs to be taken out or changed? What do you think?

We will email you a link to the thread on Loomio.  Please follow it and have your say. We do not guarantee to do what you suggest, but we will consider it and it may change our approach. Note: you may have to sign up to the group if it is your first time in.