by Urs Cunningham

Confirming teachers in learning teams for 2016.

Now that we have confirmed appointments for next year, we can announce the teachers in each of our three learning teams for 2016. 

As Lesley mentioned in her learning article a week or so ago, our growing roll means that we will be moving to three learning teams at Amesbury next year:

Te Rito will be the team of our youngest learners. All new 5 year old students will begin in Te Rito, although the length of their stay in this team will depend on their learning and social needs. As students begin to show increasing independence and capability they will move through to our Koru team.  The teachers in Te Rito will be Angela, Amaria and Gemma (a new teacher who will be joining us next year). They will be based in Kowhai (suite with the yellow carpet). 

Koru Hub will be our Year 2-3 team, with some Year 1 learners moving through to this team as the year goes on. They will be based in Karaka and Kakariki (suites with the orange and green carpets) in Koru Hub. The teachers in this team will be Anna, Mike, Andrea and Halie (a new teacher joining us next year). Just to add complexity - initially Halie will work largely in Te Rito and she will move with the first cohort of year 1 students as they graduate from Te Rito to Koru Hub. This will probably be at the end of the first term.

Our Year 4, 5 and 6 learners will be based in Harakeke Hub. Their teachers will be Demelza, Daniel (a new teacher joining us next year), and Lisa for Term 1. Urs will also be working in this hub where needed. Lisa will be with the team for the first 8 weeks of Term 1. She will then head off on maternity leave to have her second child. Marianne (a new teacher joining us next year from America) will then join Harakeke Hub in her place. 

As you can see, Amesbury School will be an exciting place with some new faces and plenty of old faces too.  We are all looking forward to a fabulous year with a very strong team of teachers.

We will be farewelling Tara and Claire at the end of the year who were both at Amesbury on fixed term contracts.