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Sustainable Coastlines

Today all the Year 4s and 5s went on a trip to Titahi Bay to make a change by cleaning up the coast.

Before we left, we had Te Kawa from Sustainable Coastlines visit us to share this big problem about how rubbish is invading the world’s oceans, beaches and hurting our wildlife. We saw some powerful images of birds and fish who have passed away due to eating plastic and rubbish left by humans. An important message  was shared: as plastic gets broken down into small pieces, to fish it looks like food, they eat the food, the bigger fish eat the smaller fish, then humans eat bigger fish... so are we eating plastic?

At Titahi Bay we found many pieces of rubbish including plastic.  We now have a very important message for you: 

refuse one-use plastics, reduce and recycle. 

Check out this website for more information and how you can join in on further coastline clean-ups.  

Sustainable Coastlines - Love your Coast

By Callum