by Angela Johnston

Library Books for Summer

Looking forward to relaxing with a book by the river, beach or pool?  Come in and get a good collection of books before the last day of school.

End of year Amesbury Library reminders:

1.  All children up to Year 5 can issue a collection of books for the summer break from the school library

2.   Be aware that overdue emails are automatically generated from the computer.  These will continue over the break after the 3 week lending period is up.  Please ignore these emails until you return your books when school begins again. 

3.  Parents can do a bulk book swap from the book exchange cupboard.  Constantly changing titles with a good range, and many popular authors.  

4.  This is a good time for Year 6 children to return any books that they have outstanding at home

5.  It is also timely for all other children to return current overdue books.  This will prevent those pesky overdue emails.