by Urs Cunningham

Timetable for the last few days of term.

Our 2015 school year is rapidly drawing to a close. Here is an overview of what's on for the last few days of the school year.

* Thursday 10th and Friday 11th Dec - Transition programme running for next year's Yr 2 and 3 students (with Mike, Anna and Andrea).

* Monday 14th Dec: 

 1) School Powhiri - 9:30am - for any students who have started at Amesbury this term. 

2) High Five assembly (as usual) at 2:45pm in the hall. The Koru Hub Amesbury Awesomeness award will be presented at this time. 

3) Year 6 graduation dinner - 5:30 - 7:30pm at school. 

* Tuesday 15th Dec:

1) Koru Hub will be running a Christmas Activities rotation throughout the day.  Can the children please bring a plastic bag to school so they can take their creations and term's worth of art work home.

2) Harakeke Hub will be having a Water Fun session after morning tea. Students will be able to choose from a range of water activities; Harakeke students do not have to wear school uniform on this day - wear shorts + t-shirt or suitable clothing for water play.   Bring: towel, sunscreen, dry clothes to change into afterwards, named water gun (optional). We will supply water balloons for those who choose the water balloon area. 

3) Student reports will be available on ALF. An article will be sent out to all parents during the day, letting people know how they can access the report and explaining what the report contains. 

4) Koru Hub picnic - 5:30-7:30pm.  We will begin with a picnic altogether starting at 5:30pm.  Families can bring their picnic dinner and outdoor chairs and blankets.  At 6:15pm we will be running some organised games, leading towards some water fun activities at 7pm.  There is no need for school uniform; come along with clothes appropriate for getting wet as well as a towel and water guns.  The picnic will conclude at 7:30pm. 

* Wednesday 16th Dec - Last day of school:

1) School Prize Giving 9: 15 - 10am.  We will present teacher awards and Amesbury Awesomeness for Term 4 (Yr 3/4 award and Yr 5/6 award) for Harakeke Hub. We will also farewell Tara, Claire and Xue, who will be leaving Amesbury School. 

2) ASB Sports Centre trip - 10:30 am. The whole school will head off on buses to the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie for a school fun session.  We will have 2 courts  set up with inflatables, basketball, futsal, and floorball. Groups will rotate around the activities. Buses will pick us up from the centre at 1:40 pm and we will arrive back at school at approximately 2:15pm. Parents are welcome to come along and join in the fun. Students can be taken home early from the sports centre - please let whanau teachers know before you take your child/ren home. Students to wear appropriate footwear for sports and school uniform. 

3) School will close at 3pm as usual. Parents can take their children early after the ASB trip, if desired.