by Natalie Douglas

Year 3 & 4 Camp Information #1

This is the initial information for the two day/overnight stay at Palm Grove camp (Paraparaumu) AND activities the following day.


This camp is for all Year 3 & 4 students regardless of what hub they are in.

All year 5 & 6 will be going on a different camp, as will all Year 1 & 2s.

Where & When:

The Year 3 and 4 camp will take place at Palm Grove Camp on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2021 (Week 7 Term 4). The activities on Friday will be away from the camp grounds (still to be confirmed).

Camp Cost:

At this stage, we are still confirming costs but we will let you know by the end of this term.

Camp Programme

We will travel to and from Waikanae by bus. We are currently planning the exact programme with the team at Palm Grove. We will send our final timetable in our next communication.

Parent help and indication of interest:

As always parent help is needed and greatly appreciated for camp to go ahead. In previous years there has been a big response to assisting with camp. While we would love to include everyone, costs and space prevent us from doing so - we have a maximum number of additional parents we are able to take on camp with us.

Please indicate, for all children, if it’s likely they will be staying overnight or not. This is only an expression of interest to help us approximate costs. An exact decision will need to be made on the permission form coming out later in term. Please fill this form to let us know this information by Friday 20th August 2021.

We would also appreciate it if parents could please let us know if they are able to help us during this camp, either during the day or overnight. 

We will notify all parents who have expressed an interest in attending the camp to let you know of our final decision before the end of Term 3. All parents attending school camps are required to undergo NZ Police Vetting. We will contact those parents who are selected to attend to obtain their consent to carry out the vetting process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natalie ( or Zelda (

Warm regards,

The Year 3 & 4 Camp Team