Ben and Echelon Selling Bean Bags at the Churton Park Market Day by Lesley Murrihy

Amesbury Awesomeness Awards

Four students received Amesbury Awesomeness Awards at the end of term 2 Learning Celebration. Below are the comments teachers made about each student.

Jamie Talbot

JT, congratulations on having a transformational Term 1. You were our first choice of student for Term 1 Amesbury Awesomeness and all the teachers agreed within seconds. This is because you seem like a new guy this year - both in your learning, and in general social life and happiness around school.

You are showing much more tenacity this year in your learning - facing your challenges like you’re facing down an Ender Dragon. Even though the challenge is big and scary with a huge spiked tail and gigantic roaring mouth, you can keep at it, never give up, and defeat your goals. You’ve been defeating these same dragons in your learning too! When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

It’s also been great to see you team up with your band of merry men - The Wetland Warriors - and have a fabulous time roaring round at break times pretending you’re in the future, on the battlefield, or taking down ferocious monsters. We’re so glad you’ve found a like-minded group of ragamuffins to share in your passions.

JT, you really deserve this Amesbury Awesomeness award. Keep facing your dragons with tenacity, and you’ll end up a hero.

Ben Raver

Ben, to put it simply you are awesome. We have spent the last two years with you and have enjoyed every moment of it; from the curious mind boggling questions (which there have been many) to the prolific words of wisdom.

You are about to embark on an epic journey to a land far far away that they call America. We hope that as time goes by and you grow older and wiser you will remember that little school with the bean bags and wobbly chairs with happy memories.

As we ourselves grow older and hopefully a little bit wiser, we will remember a boy called Ben Raver who continued to impress us with his out of the box, dynamic thinking; hiis particular enjoyment of learning that had a true purpose and outcome; his hard working attitude that was driven by a desire to be challenged and being given freedom of choice.

One moment that is hard to forget is during the Churton Park fair where your group was selling your amazing bean bags. You realized not many people were approaching your stall so you stood on your chair and repeatedly bellowed, “Come get your bean bags, wonderful bean bags!” Who could not resist coming to have a look after that?

You will be well missed by friends and teachers Ben and we wish you and your family the very best.

Milano Hart

The dictionary describes the word awesome as something we can aspire to want or someone we can aspire to be like.

You, Milano, are exactly that. In your own quiet and calm way you are an awesome person and learner that others should aspire to be like.

There are many things that make you awesome but for me what makes your awesomeness stand out so much is the care you show for others. You are always aware of other people's feelings and making sure that those in your friendship group are being respectful and kind to each other.

Your polite and gentle manner means you are a joy to teach and be around. The hard work and high levels of focus you show in your learning is inspiring.

We are lucky teachers to teach such an awesome boy and your friends are lucky to have such an awesome friend.

Khan Love

One thing we all love about you is your smile. It is your automatic reaction to smile at people when you first see them, and this reflects the type of person you are.

You are a well rounded, mature young man. You are the one who we know is doing the right thing all the time (every time!) behind the scenes, when no one is supervising you.

You have a patient, considerate nature when interacting with others. You are respectful of everyone - kids and adults alike. You are genuine and authentic and you make everyone around you feel important and valued. You are the big brother that everyone wants.

You’re always working hard. You know what is required and will work diligently to achieve what needs to be done. This shows perseverance in learning.

What we like about your leadership style is that it is quiet but persuasive. You never get in anyone’s face as you’re very approachable. You demonstrate reliability and will always do things without asking like closing doors or putting things away.

It has been a joy to watch your mana develop as you lead the haka. Here you are strong and your voice commands attention and respect. It invokes power and pride from the other boys and it is an honour to haka you today.

Khan, you are fuss free and just do what needs to be done. You’re exceptional! You’re the man!