Archdeacon for Regeneration & Mission

Greetings to you all in Jesus name! It is such a privilege to communicate to those in the Diocese interested and committed to regeneration and mission. I have been collecting new emails of those who want to be kept up to date and resourced in mission through this email and I'm up to number 299! To get more and more people excited about the Missio Dei - and to get involved with what God is doing - I invite you to forward this newsletter to others so we can grow in our shared knowledge, commitment and passion for God and the gospel.

Outreach to Children and Families

I was so pleased to hear that no fewer than three parishes in South Canterbury are either seeking to appoint a Children and Family Worker or have other plans to carry forward this vitally important ministry. Join with me in praying for Highfield, St Mary's and St Peter's Temuka.

Mission Impact Review - Kaiapoi

I will be joined by Edwin Boyce and Ven Katrina Hill for the first Mission Impact Review of the year at Kaiapoi this weekend. We'll be seeking to support the Vicar and parish as they develop their mission and reach out to new people with the love of God.

Visiting Vestries with the DMAP

This week I had the privilege of presenting on the DMAP to the Malvern and Fendalton Vestries. My goal is to visit all Vestries by the end of the year - I'm up to about 28 of 55! I also seek to balance my roles of prophet and priest - I get to challenge as well as comfort!

Leading your Church into Growth Coming Soon!

Excitement is building for the 'Leading your Church into Growth' Conference from the 12 - 14 October. For those parishes who didn't attend last this is a great opportunity to catch up on what was learned - and those who were, there's nothing like a refresher! Please try and bring 6 people (include a younger person or two) from your parish. You will all fit around a table and be able to interact and plan together.

Learning about Church Planting

As part of the LyCiG Conference we will also be having a pre-LyCiG conference on Church Planting/Grafting for anyone who is interested. Harry Steele and Rhiannon King, who are both experienced in this area, will be sharing in the afternoon of Thursday 12 October. Pencil in the date - more news to come.

New Missional Cluster in Southeast Christchurch

Just this week a new Missional Cluster began in the south Christchurch area with Lisa McInnes (Avonside), Kirstie McDonald (Woolston) and Brenda Bonnett (Linwood-Aranui). I'm convinced that clergy, meeting in small groups, all seeking the regeneration of their parishes, is such a powerful source of encouragement, information sharing and accountability. I hope to begin another one in North Canterbury in the next few months.

May God bless you as you participate in God's great mission to the world!

Ven. Mark

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