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Greetings in Jesus Name. I continue to reflect on Harry Steele's phrase from the LyCiG conference "Life with Jesus is better than life without Jesus." However, as Bishop Peter reminded us, life with Jesus can also be disruptive and uncomfortable. This has always been the experience of those who choose to follow Jesus with integrity through the vicissitudes of life. May you know the grace of God as you learn to love and follow Jesus more and more each day!

LyCiG Great Success!

The Leading your Church into Growth conference was even bigger and better than last year. 180 people attended - 156 in person and 24 at remote hubs. Feedback has again been amazing with 96% of those completing the evaluation strongly agreeing or agreeing that the conference was a positive experience and that it would make a positive difference to their parishes in the future.

LyCiG Local Useful Approach for Parishes

LyCiG Local is a shortened version of the conference and 76% of parishes indicated they would like to use this material for their Vestries or wider parish groups. Anyone who has been to the conference could lead a small group through the material. This is a tremendous way we can carry forward the energy and ideas of LyCiG. Contact me if you want the LyCiG Local material. I will be organising a number of Zoom coaching sessions with presenters Harry Steele and Rhiannon King next year.

Ministry Amoung Millennials - Seminar Coming!

Rev Dr Carolyn Robertson is offering a seminar on Wednesday 22 November on the topic of 'Developing your Ministry to Millennials' - those aged between 27 and 42. Learning about this generational group is key to engaging effectively with them. Registrations will be open soon.


I'm with Chris Ponniah and the people of the Burnside Harewood Parish on Saturday for a brainstorming and planning day related to the long-term development of their parish mission. It's so good to see parishes putting serious time and energy into strategic development. We need to keep asking are we making missional disciples, are we reaching children and families and are we building community - these are our Diocesan and parish priorities.

Blessings to you all as we contribute to the building of God's Kingdom,



Message of Life is Disruptive to Life as we know it! Bishop Peter

by Mark Chamberlain

Bishop Peter preached a short, powerful sermon on the last day of LyCiG - the gospel disrupts business as usual - are we on board?

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Great Midweek Turnout as Ellesmere Develops Mission Action Plan

by Mark Chamberlain

Over 20 members of the Ellesmere Parish met last week to brainstorm Missional Priorities.

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Unity, Ideas and Momentum at Leading your Church into Growth Conference 2023

by Mark Chamberlain

LyCiG was again a great success with 180 parish leaders from 36 parishes finding inspiration, encouragement and the tools to lead our churches into growth.

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Marriage - Missed Missional Opportunity?

by Bosco Peters

Rev Bosco Peters challenges clergy and parishes to get serious about offering a comprehensive, marriage package to couples.

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Video: But how Harry? How to create a prayerful culture of growth in your church.

But how Harry? How to create a prayerful culture of growth in your church.

by Harry Steele

Rev Harry Steele talks about the strategic importance of culture in your church and goes on to emphasise the importance of creating a prayerful culture of growth.

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Video: Martz Witty - "Why didn't I come to LyCiG last year?"

Martz Witty - "Why didn't I come to LyCiG last year!?"

by Martz Witty

Linwood-Aranui Warden Martz Witty reflects on his experience at the recent 'Leading your Church into Growth' Conference.

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Video: Conversations with... NT Wright | Prayer and Theology | 24-7 Prayer

Bishop Tom Wright Calls us to Pray for Regeneration and Mission

by Bishop Tom Wright

Anglican Bishop Tom Wright speaks about the theology of prayer and the need to undergird the mission of God in prayer.

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Video: Why I believe in God:  John Lennox interviewed by Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing

Why I believe in God: John Lennox interviewed by Dr. Amy Orr-Ewing

by Premier Unbelievable

Celebrated Christian thinker and writer John Lennox delves into his life journey, from Ireland, to Mathematics at Cambridge, defending his Christian faith from Russian to East Germany, and his electrifying debates with formidable atheists.

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Quote of the Week on the Joy of Discipleship

by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Find inspiration from Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the call and joy of discipleship.

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