Archdeacon for Regeneration & Mission

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ. I write on the eve of Synod which begins tonight at 7pm in the Transitional Cathedral. It is such a joy gathering with so many other committed Christians from around the Diocese - to worship God, enjoy fellowship, take stock of our mission and find fresh inspiration and direction.

Journey to Jesus Fund

This Monday I'm at a special celebration for those who've received funding from the Journey to Jesus Fund. Benefactor John Sax will be present to hear the stories of faith and discipleship that have happened as a result of new projects that have to do with our fundamental calling to make disciples.

Developing our Mission Together

I had a great chat to Megan Herles-Mooar during the week about how we can improve the way we conduct Mission Impact Reviews in parishes. We could broker brainstorming sessions between parishes who are doing great work in one area and parishes who need help in the same area. Let's share our experience and knowledge - this is what Anglicans do!

Embed Missional Skills through LyCiG - Bishop Peter

"I occasionally hear a person question the benefit of attending LyCiG a second time. That would be a bit like a professional golf player believing she never has to practice her swing. She may not remain a professional for long! So, if you were at LyCiG last year, bring a team and have the lessons learned embedded more deeply into our ministry practice. Close off date for registrations is coming up on Monday 9 October. Click here to register.

St Augustine's Remarkable Regeneration Team

Two weekends ago I was at St Augustine's Cashmere, and I was heartened to meet some members of a group called the Regeneration Team. They were talented and committed people, with great skills, and wanting to use them to build up their parish. We had a very animated conversation about the best way to achieve the regeneration of their parish!

Essential We Meet Enquirers Digitally

About a month ago, over about 8 days, I met no fewer than three people who had suddenly, out of the blue, decided to return to church. The first thing they did was Google a local church to find the time and place to come. I believe the Holy Spirit is active in our communities reminding people of their need for God. Having a good digital presence - website, email and social media - is an important part of our strategy to engage with people in their search.

May God bless you as you grow in your participation in the Missio Dei!

Archdeacon Mark

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