Archdeacon for Regeneration & Mission

Greetings from the ARM! As I write this, members of the Anglican Centre staff are making a range of curries for lunch! How generous is that! And it's just started sleeting outside - so a great day to enjoy fellowship and a hot curry!

Reduction in Ticket Price!

The ticket price of the Leading your Church into Growth Conference has been reduced to $50 per person. We have shifted funding around in the Education Budget so that funds assigned to the Lay Training and Clergy Development Funds will be made available directly to help fund the conference. Many of our clergy are busy shoulder tapping and forming teams - that is such good news! Click here to register.

Spirit Moving on the Open Generation

While at Alexa Evenden's induction last week I met a young man who had decided to connect with Trinity Church in Darfield. Here was a young man still at high school seeking the reality of God through the local church. Let's continue to believe that young people are open to God and find ways to connect with them - and be open ourselves when they show up at church!

Church Growth From Book of Acts

The LyCiG Trust in the UK have asked me to contribute to a video series on Church Growth from the Book of Acts - I've been assigned chapter 8! It will involve reading the chapter and commenting on principles of mission that emerge from the text. I'll keep you informed on this project and hopefully share this resource when complete.

Lincoln Mission Impact Review

It was such a delight to work with the Mission Impact Review team of Megan Herles-Mooar and Alison Jephson last weekend in the parish of Lincoln. Both questionnaires and interviews gave us a great insight into church life and enabled us to reflect back what we saw. The feedback session consisted of celebrations, questions and recommendations. I sensed a real desire to continue developing the mission of the parish among the 35 people who attended the feedback session.

Tech Help Available

I've recently asked tech advisor Braden Ramsell for specific help to support churches with sound systems, computer issues, energy efficiency etc and he has graciously agreed and made a tremendous difference - he's that good! There is a small charge. I would strongly recommend Braden - he has a wide range of skills. Let me know if you need his help.

Change Leadership

Organisational Psychologist John Eatwell has graciously agreed to offer further coaching to those Vicars who need support and information about Change Leadership. This will happen on the afternoon of Thursday 14 September. If you'd like to be part of this please let me know.

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