by Mark Chamberlain

Opportunity to upskill with coaching training

Organizational Psychologist John Eatwell is offering training in coaching - a key skill for Vicars and those involved in leading and discipling others

Late last year John Eatwell ran a day's training for Missional Coaches Carolyn Robertson, Chris Ponniah and myself to help us more effectively lead our Missional Clusters. But what exactly is coaching in the context of Christian leadership? The following definition is helpful.

Coaching is a solution focused, results orientated systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of performance, self-directed learning and personal growth of individuals. Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney.

Coaching skills can be used to help problem solve when a staff member or parishioner comes to you with a problem. It can also be used in a Vestry of group situation.

When a problem or challenge arises, we as leaders can take the situation in a number of different directions - we can over-react, we can make things worse, we can rescue the person or situation or any one of a number of things. A common response is to try and solve the problem ourselves. Coaching however, much more effectively helps the person who comes to you gain perspective, brainstorm solutions and solves the problem themselves.

Supporting others using coaching skills builds up the person's self-esteem and empowers them to take responsibility for implementing relevant solutions. Coaching can take place when a problem arises or as part of a programmed meeting. Either way it strengthens relationships, helps people take responsibility and throws up the best solutions.

Core coaching skills include listening, establishing trust, asking questions, dreaming of possibilities, empathizing, remaining positive and using a strengths-based approach.

Please contact me if you would like to be part of a group of 6 - 10 clergy undertaking this day training event with John Eatwell. There will be a cost involved.