Members of the East Christchurch Parish who attended the Review Feedback Session. by Mark Chamberlain

Parish Reviews to become Mission Impact Reviews

Mission Impact Reviews better describe the hope that this process will help parishes in our Diocese continue to grow toward a missional focus.

Following discussion with Bishop Peter and members of the Senior Leadership Team, Parish Reviews will from now on be known as Mission Impact Reviews. There are 12 Mission Impact Reviews of this kind scheduled for this year all to take place between May and September.

A pool of about 20 people - clergy and lay - have been trained for this ministry and they will be called upon during the year to be part of teams of three. Right now, our Archdeacons are consulting with Vicars and finalizing the dates these will take place.

Three parishes were reviewed last year, and a number of learnings were incorporated into the process. All three clergy involved, Ven. Dawn Baldwin, Rev David Farmer and Ven. Katrina Hill reported that their parishes benefitted from this process. Katrina Hill wrote...

I was grateful that our parish was able to participate in a parish review. The review team led by the Archdeacon for Mission Mark Chamberlain was supportive and helpful in facilitating this time of reflection and learning. Our parish is involved in the everyday life of the greater New Brighton community therefore challenging ourselves to maintain what we do well, improve, grow, and develop what comes next is important. We can care for others because we are cared for. A professional review is an opportunity for our work to be appreciated and developed. Necessary for the health of any organisation. Thank you.