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Noise exposure is part of our daily lives: here’s a good solution to protect your hearing

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Need hearing protection? Serenity Choice is a new product that keeps you aware of speech and sounds in your environment while reducing the impact of unwelcome or damaging noise.

And you have a choice to suit your needs: listening to music, hunting and shooting, motorsports, work, sleep, and comfort.

Each choice comes with small, medium, and large ear tips, ensuring a good fit, and they are comfortable, durable, budget-friendly and come with a 2-year warranty.

  1. Serenity Choice Music for musicians, music lovers, and concert goers aims to make music sound as natural as possible. In fact, Serenity Choice Music out-performs competitors in sound quality.[1]
  2. Serenity Choice Hunting & Shooting protects against high impulse noises, such as gun shots, artillery fire, and explosions. When there are no “explosions” you can still hear voices and background noise, so it’s the perfect solution for avid hunters.
  3. Serenity Choice Motorsport is designed to reduce wind noise. At high speeds, riders are exposed to excessive noise from the turbulent airflow around their helmet.[2] Serenity Choice Motorsport reduces the effects of that wind noise.
  4. Serenity Choice Work is designed for noisy work environments — factories, farming, construction and DIY/gardening — they reduce sound levels by 9 to 16 dB NRR. In very loud situations, they can be combined with earmuffs for extra protection.
  5. Serenity Choice Sleep is designed for those with a chronic snorer in their life! Moderate snoring ranges from 50 to 60dB; a severe snorer can reach 90 dB. Serenity Choice Sleep reduces the sound to a non-intrusive level so you can sleep peacefully.
  6. Serenity Choice Comfort is designed to reduce constant noise in an open-office environment — the hum of air conditioners, consistent telephone ringing — this option reduces sound for a more comfortable environment.

Not everyone fits off-the-shelf solutions — sometimes people find traditional earplugs uncomfortable or tricky to use due to their work environments. The good news is that Phonak also offers customised plugs that use the same filters, so if you need a customised solution, ask your clinician for more details.

To find out more about Phonak Serenity Choice™ head to www.phonak.com.

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[2] McCombe A.W. (2003). Hearing loss in motorcyclists: occupational and medicolegal aspects. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 96(1), 7–9.