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Are your hearing aids insured?

Audiology South —

We know from the March 2020 lockdown that people can lose their hearing instruments during these times— particularly when they’re not in their usual routine. Taking face masks off has been known to dislodge hearing aids so people unexpectedly lose them! Accidents can happen, so make sure your hearing aids are insured for any eventuality.

Firstly, have your insurance company list them on your policy. You probably did this when you purchased them, but if not, now is a good time to organise it.

If you no longer have the receipt or model details, contact us. Audiology South will be able to provide a certificate of value and an accurate record of the model for insurance purposes.

If something happens

If something does happen to your hearing aids please contact Audiology South in the first instance. As we work with insurance providers all the time, we can give you up to date information to help speed up your claim process. We can also supply loaner hearing aids whilst you’re waiting for replacements.

Be assertive

When you put in an insurance claim, you may find that your insurance company will ‘shop around’ to source the replacements, and may recommend purchasing from another company. You are entitled to, but not obliged to accept their recommendation. So, if you prefer that Audiology South supplies and fits your replacement hearing aids, you may have to firmly and assertively let your insurance company know this.

Contact us for assistance

We are here to help. If you need assistance with insurance claims or have any questions please call us on 0800 547 836.