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Photo by Anthea Hunt

School Magazine 2020


Each year we produce a school magazine which provides a colourful record of the year. Unlike other schools, we have not charged students for the magazine, choosing to fund it for everyone from the donations that have been sought from families each year.

However, it is different in 2020, as we are no longer able to seek donations from families, having opted into the government scheme. We are working very hard to stretch the funding received by the government to deliver our school curriculum. This means that parents are not asked to pay for any classroom curriculum costs unless there is a take home or overnight component.

It does mean that we do need to charge for things that are optional and over and above the daily round of classroom learning. It means, for example, that if there are any costs associated with extra-curricular activities that your daughter opts into, that they must be paid as we have no alternative source of funding to cover those costs. We endeavour to keep costs as low as possible, as we want our students to benefit from extra-curricular involvement in sports and cultural activities.

While I am sure that you appreciate not having any costs associated with your daughter’s core learning, we also appreciate prompt attention to paying the extra-curricular costs associated with any activity your daughter has chosen to participate in. Thank you.

As far as our school magazine is concerned, we now need to know how many students would like to have one as a record of their school year. In this first year of transitioning to a new funding model we are charging $5 only for a copy of the 2020 magazine. (Our usual charge to cover costs would need to be $10, as our magazine is now a full colour version).

We will only order for those that have been paid for by the due date. A $5 charge will appear on your daughter’s account from the start of term 3. The cut-off date for orders will be the end of term 3 (25 September).