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Whānau Information


Homestay families required:

Our borders are opening so now you can bring the world to your home by joining our team of wonderful Avonside Girls’ High School homestays and host an international student.

We are looking for kind and inclusive families to welcome and support an international student in their home. You are expected to provide a furnished bedroom, food, family experiences and unlimited Wi-Fi. You will be paid a weekly homestay fee.

For more information please email Lisa at lgarrett@avonside.school.nz

Tik Tok Challenge:

We are aware of a dangerous social media challenge that young people across the world are engaging in, and wanted to ensure we informed you so that you can speak to your rangatahi about this and ensure their safety.

Predominately found on TikTok, the challenge involves students not eating or drinking for a period of time, and then breathing deeply while bent over, before blowing out while biting down on their thumb. This can lead to students fainting. We are aware of cases in which serious concussions have resulted from this.

There is further information in this article from the New Zealand Herald if you wish to learn more about the consequences of such a challenge: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/rotorua-daily-post/news/tiktok-passing-out-challenge-prompts-warning-over-potential-death-and-brain-damage/AMDV4ZQMJSGVMQ6ZFBSY5NIZXI/ash

You know your young person best. It may be appropriate to speak to them about this challenge, ask if they have heard of it, or attempted it, and discuss the consequences of it with them.

If you are concerned about your daughter’s physical or mental wellbeing we would encourage you to contact her pouako, head of level, or our school pastoral care team. All those contact details can be found on our website.

Tanya Clegg
Deputy Principal 

AnyQuestions is here to help:

AnyQuestions (www.anyquestions.govt.nz) offers free, online help to assist New Zealand students with their schoolwork. Students can access the site using any device and chat with a librarian who will help guide their research and teach them the skills to find reliable information for themselves.

AnyQuestions is an excellent tool to help support students who are learning from home. Students can access AnyQuestions from school or from home anytime between 1pm and 6pm weekdays and get personalised help with their inquiry topic or school project. 

Article of interest:

Why won't your child put their smartphone down? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/the-conversation-why-your-kid-wont-put-down-the-smartphone-its-not-your-fault/QTTBCN6QNU244ULLDN4V2ZXI7Q/

Vaping information for teens and parents: